Egypt Lymphoma Leukaemia Research Review Issue 1

In this issue:

Leukaemia selection
Long-term efficacy and safety of first-line ibrutinib in CLL/SLL
Frontline venetoclax combinations in older AML
Real-world outcomes of adult B-ALL treated with blinatumomab
Molecular recurrence risk after TKI discontinuation in CML
Venetoclax + chemotherapy for relapsed/refractory T-ALL

Lymphoma selection
RB and RC induction for transplant-eligible mantle cell lymphoma
Relapse and survival in Burkitt’s lymphoma treated with intensive immunochemotherapy
Survival outcomes for ENKTL
CV adverse with first-line (R-)CHOP in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
MATRix is cost effective in primary CNS lymphoma

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