Egypt Multiple Myeloma Research Review Issue 5

In this issue:
  -  Is survival in MM improved in clinical trials?
  -  Epidemiological landscape of MM diagnosed before age 40 years
  -  MCT1 as a predictor for lenalidomide maintenance in MM
  -  KRd/KCd + autologous SCT or KRd alone, followed by lenalidomide ±carfilzomib, in newly diagnosed MM
  -  KRd then lenalidomide maintenance for preventing smouldering myeloma progression
  -  Ixazomib vs. pomalidomide (+ dexamethasone) for lenalidomide-refractory, PI-exposed MM
  -  Long-term outcomes with belantamab mafodotin for relapsed/refractory MM
  -  Impact of COVID-19 in patients with MM
  -  VTE with aspirin or rivaroxaban in RVd- or KRd-treated newly diagnosed MM
  -  Autologous SCT in older myeloma patients

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