Egypt Multiple Myeloma Research Review Issue 7

In this issue:
 - Triplets, transplant and maintenance until myeloma progression
 - p53 isoform expression predicts MM survival
 - MRD and imaging-guided consolidation in MM
 - Frontline bortezomib + high-dose melphalan conditioning in MM
 - Survival after autologous SCT in newly diagnosed MM with high-risk cytogenetics
 - MM and other cancer risk in first- and second-degree relatives of MM patients
 - Long-term follow-up after anti-BCMA + anti-CD19 CAR T-cells in MM
 - Adding elotuzumab to lenalidomide-dexamethasone in new, transplant-ineligible MM
 - Allogeneic SCT plus novel drugs in MM
 - Adding isatuximab to carfilzomib-dexamethasone in relapsed MM with renal impairment

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