Egypt Multiple Myeloma Research Review Issue 8

In this issue:
  -  Second ISS revision for OS in MM
  -  CTCs for staging newly diagnosed transplanteligible MM
  -  Impact of autologous HCT on disease burden by NGS in quadruplet-treated MM
  -  Paraskeletal and EMPs at MM diagnosis and first relapse
  -  Neutralising antibody response after SARS-COV-2 vaccination in myeloma
  -  Teclistamab for relapsed/ refractory MM
  -  Cost effectiveness of frontline daratumumab in transplanteligible newly diagnosed MM
  -  Early mortality predictors in MM
  -  Isatuximab ±Kd in relapsed MM with high-risk cytogenetics
  -  VTE risk with adding daratumumab to RVd in newly diagnosed MM

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