Egypt Immuno-Oncology Research Review Issue 3

In this issue:
  -  ICI-related diarrhoea/colitis in cancer with GI infections
  -  Safety of CAR T-cell therapies
  -  Corticosteroids: impact on CAR T-cell efficacy in large B-cell lymphoma
  -  Microbiome and immunemediated adverse effects in lung cancer
  -  Landscape of ICI therapies for advanced lung cancer
  -  Immune-related adverse events: predictors for ICI efficacy
  -  Pre-existing autoimmune disease and immune-related adverse events
  -  Pembrolizumab for metastatic breast cancer with high mutational burden
  -  Pembrolizumab + ipilimumab after anti-PD-1/L1 failure in melanoma
  -  Ipilimumab ±anti-PD-1 in anti-PD-(L)1-resistant metastatic melanoma

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