IBD in Primary Care – Practical Management Tips

GPCME 2018 - Rotorua
Saturday June 9, 2018

Presentation by:
Dr David Rowbotham
Consultant Gastroenterologist, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Auckland Hospital

In this workshop held at GPCME 2018, Dr David Rowbotham presented tips for primary care clinicians on the best approaches to managing IBD patients in everyday practice.  He also discussed some novel therapies, stopping treatment and the IBD clinical trials taking place at the Auckland District Health Board.
The video production for this presentation was funded by Emerge Health.

IBD in Primary Care - Practical Management Tips

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1. Outline and introduction
2. Understanding IBD behaviours
3. Aetiology
4. Faecal calprotectin
5. Novel therapies
6. Stopping treatment
7. Clinical trials (at ADHB)
8. Management tips for GPs
9. Take-home messages
10. Clinical multiple-choice questions

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