Breakfast Session - Shared Care of the IBD Patient

GPCME 2018 - Rotorua
Sunday  June 10, 2018

Presentations by:
Drs Rick Stein and Ali Jafer (Consultant Gastroenterologists)
Phoebe Wu and Jacqui Fletcher (IBD Nurses)

In this Breakfast Session held at GPCME 2018, Dr Rick Stein discussed the growing burden of IBD in NZ.
Dr Ali Jafer and Phoebe Wu also presented on the value of and models for shared care for the IBD patient, and Jacqui Fletcher gave tips for primary care clinicians on the best approaches to managing IBD patients.
The video production for this presentation was funded by Emerge Health.

Breakfast Session - Shared Care of IBD Patients

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1. Presenters and presentation titles
2. Reducing the growing burden of IBD in NZ – Dr Rick Stein
3. The value of shared care in IBD – Dr Ali Jafer
4. Shared care of the IBD patient: IBD nurse – RN Phoebe Wu
5. IBD in practice – RN Jacqui Fletcher

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