Asthma & Respiratory Foundation NZ Adult Asthma Guidelines: A Quick Reference Guide

Presentation by:
Professor Richard Beasley
Physician at Wellington Regional Hospital, Director of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, and Professor of Medicine at Victoria University of Wellington. Adjunct Professor at the University of Otago and Visiting Professor, University of Southampton, United Kingdom.

In this video podcast Professor Richard Beasley provides an outline of the NZ Adult Asthma Guidelines published in November 2016. The purpose of the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand Quick Reference Guide is to provide simple, practical, evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis, assessment and management of asthma in adults in a quick reference format. Professor Beasley also focuses on the changes to the guidelines since they were last update in 2002.

Prof Beasley podcast

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1. Introduction
2. Global asthma: Where are we today?
3. Adult asthma: Guide summary
4. Diagnosis of asthma
5. Assessing asthma control & future risk
6. Management approach
7. Initial treatment: ICS
8. ICS/LABA therapy: Key points
9. SMART regimen
10. Step-wise approach to treatment
11. Self-management (asthma action plan
12. Special patient groups
13. Management of acute severe asthma


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